Club Stories is a scenario based tactical board game in which a story is told. Your story. You are an unknown football expert like everyone else. But you got the chance to run a club. A very small club, of course. All of your friends probably never heard of it. But hey, you got to start at the bottom.

Club Stories is a game for 1 or 2 players. You try to defeat the 5 different scenario‘s in the right order. Every next scenario has it‘s own story and let‘s you move to a new club. Of course you can also replay the scenario‘s to defeat your high score and reach higher levels of professionalism.

The pictures below show the 2nd edition of the game, unfortunately sold as well.

Watch the playthrough of Club Stories 1st edition from the Virtuvian Gamer. 
Watch a
playthrough about Club Stories 2nd edition now.
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