"I like the game, because it’s small, portable, and a lot of fun"

Tom Vasel - The Dice Tower

UWO  2 players - 40min - 10+ - Vendetta, Z-man games & EE Games

UWO is a cardgame and a boardgame at the same time. Both players have six energy cards. The playing field is formed by the energy cards of both players.

UWO's carry many different weapons. Lasers, dynamite, granades, bazooka's, etc. The bazooka UWO for instance, is one of the coolest of the gang and he himself thinks so too. He is extremely powerful. He can even blow up tanks! Unfortunately, such a bazooka is a great danger to our tiny UWO. Each time he has shot someone, he will be knocked out until the end of your next turn!

artwork: Thomas Jansen, Bjorn Scholten