Little Football Game - 2 players - 20 minutes - 12+ - EE Games

LFG is a fast tactical card game in which you control your own football team. Every team has it's own strengths and weaknesses. So you must choose your tactics wisely. 
A game is played by 2 players and will last only 20 minutes. You can play the game in tournament mode and play several matches, so more players can join in.
There are 3 types of players: Defenders, midfielders and attackers. You can only play them when the ball marker is in the corresponding playing area on the pitch card. Every player has 14 player cards. You can choose which cards to play first, but keep in mind that you can play each card only once. 
The game has a balanced system between several player qualities. Some teams are stronger, but more likely to make fouls. Some teams are weaker but are very experienced or specialized at set pieces. etc. 
Every box contains 3 different teams. There are already 6 different teams made for the game. When you buy a game, you decide which 3 out of 6 teams you get in your box. As an expansion, you can get the other teams later on if you like. You can take a look at the teams by clicking on their logo's.

artwork: Thomas Jansen