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Who is EE Games?

My name is Thomas Jansen. In daily life I am a teacher at primary school. Designing games is a big passion of me. On March 1st 2004 I started my own company: Elven Ear Games or EE Games. In that year I released my first game: UWO. A 2 player card game about funny aliens who fight each other. Next year the game was published by Vendetta games and later on it went to the US (Z-man games). Since then, I designed several games for Vendetta games and EE Games. I also worked together with 2 other authors for the Dutch company PlaythisOne. This resulted into the release of UGO! in october 2013. This trick taking card game was a big hit at the Spiel fair in Essen and won a few prices/nominations.

But then it changed. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to make games I like best myself, regardless of what is popular. So in 2017 I designed Club Stories not for another company, but for myself. A scenario based football (soccer) management game for 1 (or 2) player. Only 100 copies were made. It was sold out in a blink. Also the 2nd edition went fast. Club Stories got an 8.3 average on BGG (53 ratings) and got some interest from other companies. Who knows what the future brings. Next project is Everything Lost. I'm really looking forward to it.


The EE Games office where all the games ideas are born.