"Very fun game, allows you to pester the other players, and you feel you are in control of the game!"
André Kooij at Board Game Geek

Quest for the princess - 3-5 players - 45min - 12+ - Vendetta & EEG

Five of the most noble knights in the country, all want to marry the princess. There is one problem, though. The princess has been kidnapped by a dangerous dragon. Fortunately, something good comes out of this situation too. This is the ultimate chance for the courageous warriors to make a good impression on the princess. That is why they go to battle to save the princess. Because only one of them can marry the lady, the knights do everything whithin their power to make life miserable for one another. This whole spectacle is watched by a very critical royal family. The knights really work their heads off to win the sympathy of the family. They will most certainly put in a good word for them with the princess.
Which knight wins this game? Or will it be the dragon who marries the princess. Even that is possible in this crazy game.

artwork: Thomas Jansen